Telecommunications Bonding Evaluator (TBE)

The Telecommunications Bonding Evaluator (TBE) certification training program will demonstrate the behaviors and processes to successfully perform an evaluation of the components related to any telecommunications site’s bonding infrastructure, regardless of the complexity or site. The training program will also prepare students to pass the Telecommunications Bonding Evaluator (TBE) Exam.

The grounding and bonding infrastructure is a unique component in the Information Technology realm because it is the only component that shares a direct, unmitigated tie to the electrical system. As such, it is a strong electrical and mechanical link to the electrical system, if installed properly. The risk for the telecommunications bonding system is that the same connection can be the primary avenue for unwanted disturbances should they occur!

Assuming that there may be a problem with the electrical wiring or voltage quality, the longstanding perception by many end-users is that the electric utilities and electricians are the primary “experts” regarding the successful detection and resolution of any voltage quality, perceived wiring error, and grounding/bonding issues; however, there are no formal education or training paths for these entities that are pursuant to finding these types of problems.

Further complicating the matter, recent updates to the telecommunications and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standards have recommended specific test criteria to qualify critical components within the telecommunications bonding infrastructure. However, no skill set exists in the Information Transport Systems (ITS) industry that can be called upon to safely and properly test these same components.

potential risk for the end-user is a site that is unsafe for personnel and/or insufficient in promoting proper equipment operation. Telecommunications personnel must exhibit strong technical skills to evaluate the grounding and bonding infrastructure in use for new and existing facilities. This will help end-users rely on those individuals specifically trained on the various components, their uses, and their evaluation/testing criteria.

What the TBE will not do – Unless in the possession of a valid professional or trade certification to discharge such duties, the holder of a TBE certification is NOT qualified for the following:

  1. To design electrical systems or associated grounding and bonding systems
  2. To install or maintain electrical systems and their associated grounding and bonding systems.
  3. To act as an Electrical Inspector or Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) in requiring specific work to be done for improvement or penalizing those entities who are not in compliance with National, State, or Local Codes.
  4. To officially authorize a design of telecommunications bonding infrastructure as designed by a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) or equivalent. However, the holder of the TBE should be responsible for communicating grounding and bonding infrastructure design errors, omissions, or out-of-limit test readings as a result of their evaluation, where expected to do so.

NEW!!! A Canadian version of the TBE Exam is now available. For more details and to apply for the exam contact Ken Michaels @ [email protected]

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