You invest thousands for the integrity of equipment within the walls of your Data Center or Equipment Room. How much do you invest to check the quality of the wiring behind them?

Your Eyes Behind The Wall!

The perfect AC outlet wiring diagnostic tool for:

  1. Electricians
  2. Technicians
  3. Engineers
  4. Electrical Inspectors
  5. Electrical Troubleshooters
  6. Quality Assurance (Q/A) Inspectors
intelliground tester

What Is The Intelliground™?

The Intelliground an easy-to-use, hand-held tester that will accurately determine the integrity of the wiring in any 120VAC outlet.  With the push of a few buttons, our rugged, UL/CSA approved device can analyze your electrical outlets for:

  1. Wiring polarity
  2. Improper Neutral-Ground bonding
  3. Neutral conductor impedance
  4. Equipment grounding conductor impedance

Why Do You Need It?

What you can’t see can hurt you, literally! Did you know that ninety percent of our perceived Power Quality issues are directly related to the wiring and grounding of the site? Or that you can have an electrical outlet wired 125 different ways in your home or business? The Intelliground circuit tester can be an important investigative tool to expose wiring conditions that cause, or worsen:

  • Electrical Shock and Fire Hazards
  • Electrical Efficiency Issues
  • Harmonic Effects
  • Power Quality Issues
  • Electromagnetic Interference Problems
  • Electrostatic Discharge Component Degradation
intelliground tester

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