120VAC Outlet Wiring Polarity

Target Intelliground™ Reading:  CORRECT WIRING.

IMPORTANT: If the Intelliground™ indicates a reading other than CORRECT WIRING, then the wiring condition must be corrected before performing any other measurements with the tester.

Likely Cause For Incorrect Reading: Improperly wired outlet.

Likely Solution: There may be many reasons why the outlet is wired improperly. Proceed with caution! Engage a qualified electrician to rewire the outlet for ‘CORRECT POLARITY’.

Why Is Wiring Polarity Important?
People and equipment rely on outlets that are properly wired from both a safety and operation standpoint. Some of the seemingly harmless wiring conditions (e.g., Reverse Polarity, where Hot and Neutral are swapped) can be lethal to unsuspecting technicians, electricians, and homeowners. Depending on the type of wiring condition it has, and improperly wired outlet may contribute to:

    • Electric shock of personnel.
    • Fire hazards for the equipment and property.
    • Lightning damage to equipment and property.
    • Unexplained operational errors with end-use equipment.
    • Unresolved voltage quality issues.