IG-200 – Advanced Grounding and Bonding w/ Hands-on Labs

IG-200 Course

  • Certificate of Attendance
  • 21 BICSI ITS CEC’s
  • $1150USD – per person for suitcase training
  • Pricing includes ALL related shipping and travel expenses
  • For Canadian or other international courses, contact us at info@igroundllc.com for your qualified pricing structure.

iGround – What Sets Our Training Apart (PDF)

At iGround, we are on the forefront of advanced grounding techniques and troubleshooting methods. One variable that sets our instructional training classes apart from others is the hands-on testing that brings the theory and real world together.

This three-day course provides the student the unique opportunity to break down the fundamentals of electrical grounding, bonding, electrical principles, electrical metering inspection, and many other facets of power quality investigations. The course also allows the user to perform test measurements, gather data, and offer solutions with industry-proven devices in a safe, controlled lab environment.


Course Outline

Chapter One – Electrical Properties

  • AC and DC Voltage Characteristics
  • Amperage and Electromagnetic Fields
  • Series/Parallel Circuit Importance
  • Electric Utility Distribution
  • Premises Wiring Distribution
  • Copper and Copper Conductors
  • Conductor Insulation Properties
  • Impedance Characteristics
  • Impedance Calculatons

Chapter Two – Grounding Electrode (Earthing) System

  • Purposes of the Grounding Electrode System (GES)
  • GES Components
  • Soil Characteristics
  • GES Characteristics
  • GES Testing
  • Earth Ground Resistance
  • Resistance Improvement Methods
  • Other Considerations

Chapter Three – Equipment Grounding System (EGS)

  • EGS Purposes
  • EGS Components
  • EGS Characteristics and Installation Considerations
  • Troubleshooting Wiring and Grounding Problems
  • Metering Methods
  • Voltage Quality Issues

Chapter Four – Telecommunication and Data Center Bonding Systems

  • Telecommunication Bonding Purposes
  • Telecommunication Bonding Components
  • TIA-607C Bonding Methods
  • BICSI Bonding Methods
  • Bonding of High-Rise Buildings
  • Bonding of Multiple Buildings
  • Outside Plant Grounding and Bonding
  • Radio Tower Grounding
  • Telecommunication Bonding LAB***

Chapter Five – Site Survey and Grounding Inspections

  • Types of Checklist to Use
  • Sample Reports
  • Troubleshooting Methodologies
  • Importance of Quality Assurance

Chapter Six – Glossary of Terms